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While we kicked off our summer in South Carolina, we were invited to participate in a performing arts production called “Waging War” by Susanne Sanders with Turning Pointe Theatre, 501(c)(3) (TPT). I have personally worked with this theatre company for over 10 years while living in South Carolina. TPT’s mission statement: “To see lives changed and developed into the Warrior God called us to be; learning to have a BRAVEHEART, through Bible Study & Prayer, Performing Art Classes, and Outreach Productions.” During my time at TPT, I had various duties from performing on stage, teaching dance classes, mentoring youth, graphic design, and ministering abroad. For the 2019 “Waging War” show, I was completely behind the scenes for the first time as I got to capture the show with my camera! It’s a totally different perspective and helped me grow into a more well rounded artist.

“Waging War” – June 1st 2019

The “Waging War” show is a story, where learning to have a Braveheart is a true journey of faith; warriors of God have to be equipped through word, worship and warfare. Here are some snippets of the various scenes portrayed by this amazing troop of singers, dancers, and actors:

*Side Note: I also do graphic design, and the above piece is  an oldie but goody. I have used this post card to advertise for the past 3 times “Waging War” has been show cased.

*Side Note: I also do graphic design, and the above piece is an oldie but goody. I have used this post card to advertise for the past 3 times “Waging War” has been show cased.

In Act I ~ The Fire: Yeshua – Jesus the Son, Savior and Deliverer

Exodus 3 and 15: 1-21

The dancers in red tutus represent the fire of the burning bush encounter that Moses had with God.
DSC_0089 (2019-06-02T19_25_54.030).jpg
DSC_0043 (2019-06-02T19_11_49.356).jpg
DSC_0031 (2019-06-02T19_09_18.013).jpg
DSC_0044 (2019-06-02T19_12_00.533).jpg
DSC_0144 (2019-06-02T19_41_57.025).jpg
DSC_0142 (2019-06-02T19_41_28.036).jpg
DSC_0128 (2019-06-06T13_02_02.001)-2.jpg
DSC_0251 (2019-06-02T20_10_50.799).jpg
DSC_0179 (2019-06-02T19_51_19.831).jpg
DSC_0213 (2019-06-02T20_01_02.886).jpg

Moses meets God at the burning bush and He reveals His holy name, יְהֹוָה (YeHoVah). God sends Moses to Egypt to bring the children of Israel out of bondage and slavery, and onward to a life of freedom and redemption. Their voyage is challenging yet miraculous as the deliverer brings them through the Red Sea, into the desert land and eventually to the promise land. We too are like the children of Israel, and need to be released from the bondage of sin as we are slaves to it without a deliverer. On the journey of life, we go through times that feel like raging seas and dry deserts, but if we cry out to our redeemer, He will save us.

Act II ~ The Wind: Ruach HaKodesh – Holy Spirit, Breath of Life & Comforter

Exodus 19:1-34, 33:12-18, 40:34-38, Revelation 21:22-27, 22: 1-5

Swords were used during the War Dance and Armageddon scenes (Don’t worry, no one got hurt - the weapons were just props).
DSC_0580 (2019-06-03T14_46_11.620).jpg
DSC_0516 (2019-06-03T14_25_54.869).jpg
DSC_0305 (2019-06-02T20_22_58.981).jpg
DSC_0655 (2019-06-03T15_03_46.194).jpg
DSC_0733 (2019-06-03T15_22_44.115).jpg
DSC_0666 (2019-06-03T15_06_21.281).jpg
DSC_0666 b-2.jpg
DSC_0793 (2019-06-03T15_36_23.879).jpg
DSC_0804 (2019-06-03T15_38_33.639).jpg

The children of Israel have arrived at the mountain of God, Mt. Sinai, and the Lord gives the covenant marriage proposal of the Torah. The children of Israel begin the process of ridding themselves of their former slave mentality and choosing to worship and serve God instead. Fast forward 40 years, and they come to the valley of Acacia as mature warriors of YeHoVaH. Now ready for battle, they begin to take the promised land and war alongside the Prince of Peace as they fight the final battle of Armageddon. Again, our lives parallel with the children of Israel because once we encounter our one true God, we are called to mature from a life of bondage as captive slaves to a life of freedom as the warrior bride through the guidance of Holy Spirit.

Act III ~ The Glory: Father – Elohim, Creator and Judge

Isaiah 11: 1-4, Revelation 5:9-3

1st Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”
DSC_0054 (2019-06-06T02_23_14.988).jpg
DSC_0339 (2019-06-06T03_33_29.052).jpg
DSC_0079 (2019-06-06T02_30_00.421).jpg
DSC_0037 (2019-06-06T02_19_02.429).jpg
DSC_0043 (2019-06-06T02_20_30.847).jpg
DSC_0945 (2019-06-06T13_02_46.583)-2.jpg
DSC_0168 (2019-06-03T20_15_10.935).jpg
DSC_0162 (2019-06-03T20_13_11.081).jpg
DSC_0965 (2019-06-03T19_21_22.227).jpg
DSC_0460 (2019-06-03T21_27_21.927).jpg
DSC_0277 (2019-06-06T03_18_36.359).jpg
DSC_0217 (2019-06-06T03_03_20.127).jpg
DSC_0617 (2019-06-03T22_35_50.845).jpg
DSC_0591 (2019-06-03T22_29_56.384).jpg
DSC_0623 (2019-06-03T22_37_15.390).jpg
DSC_0659 (2019-06-03T22_45_51.408).jpg
DSC_0721 (2019-06-03T22_59_57.939).jpg
DSC_0727 (2019-06-03T23_01_23.019).jpg
DSC_0835 (2019-06-03T23_26_41.195).jpg
DSC_0825 (2019-06-03T23_24_34.347).jpg
DSC_0832 (2019-06-03T23_26_04.227).jpg

After the final battle is complete, Yeshua, our groom leads us to a banqueting table to rule and reign with Him forever. Our lives are transformed through Ruach HaKodesh with the seven Spirits of God filling us: The spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of council and valor, the spirit of knowledge and reverential fear of the Lord, and the Spirit of YeHoVah. Finally, heaven will be our home as the true promised land, and we will behold the splendor and majesty of God, our father – Elohim. Heaven will reveal the beauty of the Garden of Eden with the tree of life and the river of life that flows from the throne and of the lamb. SELAH

“Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground.” -Martha Graham

*** EXTRA SPECIAL SIDE NOTE: The members of TPT currently have an upcoming theatrical production in Spring of 2020 called “The Lovely Ducklings,” written by Jamila Phillips. It’s about one mom’s story of sharing what it means to raise a child with special needs. “The Lovely Ducklings” shows how, even with “limitations,” there are opportunities for everyone to make a difference in our communities. It is a most unique performance – through song, dance and narration, the audience is taken from heartbreak to triumph.

****EXTRA EXTRA SPECIAL SIDE NOTE: If you are interested in getting involved by auditioning for roles, supporting the cause or just being a part of an amazing arts ministry, check out their website: or find them on Facebook and Instagram (Buttons below to make it easier for you) .

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